Over us all…(Vulnerability)Kiernan

As I waited for the bus home, I sat on the bench trying to come up with ideas for our project on vulnerability. I kept shuffling through various moments in my life where I ever felt vulnerable, or at least the feeling that one would assume is associated with vulnerability. However as my brain scrambled I just happened to look up.  I looked up and at that very moment I was face to face with the sun set. It was so perfectly beautiful radiating out towards me.  A spectrum of pink, blue, orange, and white, came flooding into my eyes.  Then this thought hit me.  As residents of this blue floating ball we call earth, how much of our existence is really in our control.  As one bears witness to a sun set, you realize that as night and day comes to pass regardless of our everyday efforts and stuggles with one another, the earth still turns, the sky is blue, and the sun will shine.  So many times we get caught up in our daily tasks and worries, that on the grand scheme of things are relatively insignificant. The sky that surrounds our space, reminds us of our general ignorance to the world and life.

Thus for my project I want to express that feeling of awe when you look up at the sky and realize that everything is bigger then we know.  I define vulnerability as the things that happen that we can not control, and that we can barely comprehend. The world is full of mysteries that we may never have the answers for, and the changing skies are a perfect example of that boiling question inside us all of – Why? Time passes as the wind blows, sometimes if you dont look up you will loose yourself and the rest of the world.

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