Vulnerability of the Homeless

My photo narrative is about the vulnerability of the less fortunate. Vulnerability for me will mean unprotected, unfortunate, and down-trodden. I don’t want to reveal the plot of my story, but the main idea is that some people are so unfortunate that they find bad luck wherever they go. It is hard for a well-to-do person to image just complete hopelessness – to meet defeat after defeat with no sign of light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps the most stressful thing in my life is getting to class on time and doing my laundry, but for a person that is struggling to survive, these daily stresses seem trivial and unimportant. My photo narrative will contrast the daily routine of a fortune person that has a house and food and warm clothes with a homeless person that has to garbage pick to find his meal. The role of the vulnerable person is being filled by a homeless person, but the argument holds for all less fortunate people. Some people just are worse off for whatever reason whether it be economic class, a disability, and/or lack of opportunities and the goal of this narrative will be to reflect on that fact and create a discussion about our responsibilities towards each other. Here are a few photos from the narrative and brief explanations:

8 Photo Narrative Homeless 087 6 Photo Narrative Homeless 079

These photos are shown right after one another and show a contrast between how two different types of people sustain themselves. The artistic goal here is to cause introspection in the audience and get them to have an internal debate about the lives of fortunate vs. unfortunate people.


2 Photo Narrative Homeless 051 -


Look closely… this photo turned out really creepy, but very effective. The goal again is to show the stark contrast between the rich and the poor, which is sometimes only represented in a physical border as skinny as a window, but the physiological barrier can be much stronger.

Stay tuned to see the whole story!


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One Response to Vulnerability of the Homeless

  1. cerrax says:

    Wow that last photo is excellent! I am very interested to see how the others turn out! This story seems very powerful!

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