“The eyes are the window to the soul”

When thinking about vulnerability and what it meant to me for this project I considered the word’s meaning and ways it could be interpreted.  I found meaning such as weak and helpless, but my mind kept coming back to the words open and unguarded.  What is more vulnerable than someone’s open eyes and the emotions their face conveys?  Our first reactions are expressed through our eyes and we can’t always control what they show. I also researched eye expressions.  I found that you’re your will eyes point up when you remember something you saw and to the down and to the right when you recall an emotion. Another article I read said that eye movement up and to left happened when a person “visually constructs” an image in their head and up and to the right when they “visually remember” something such as the color of their house.  These glances can be difficult to spot, though because they can last just a second.  It’s pretty interesting how much the eyes can tell us.  Some people avoid eye contact, maybe they are shy, or maybe they are afraid of being vulnerable.  I

I took some posed and some candid pictures of my friends this weekend.  I found it more challenging to get shots of very expressive eyes that were posed.  When I edit my images and organize my photo essay I want the eyes to be the focus.  I think it could be interesting to conceal the rest of their faces or show just their eyes.  This would allow the viewer to interpret the emotion the eyes show, especially because my friends were smiling in most of the pictures.   I think I am going to take some more pictures while asking people to recall things similar to the article I read to test the visual assessing cues.


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One Response to “The eyes are the window to the soul”

  1. cerrax says:

    Whoa, cool article! I never knew there were so many different memory recall methods tied to eye movement! Cool! It will be interesting to see how you’ve connected the subject’s eyes to the photo.

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