Picture Worth 1000 Words

For my project I want to show the world through my eyes. Now it may seem kind of boring to think about, a college student’s life. But I want to show people what can lie underneath the smile that they see every day on someone. It may not seem like it but there are moments in my life where I am feeling low and depressed.

It can happen to anyone. I lost a close friend of mine to suicide that was caused through depression. I will not sit here and say I suffer from depression every day. But I know how it feels to be sad for long periods of time and feel like nothing in the world is going your way.

I want my project to show more than my life. My life is boring, I will admit it. But I want it to show that I am just like everyone else. I want to show people who suffer from depression or symptoms of it that we are the same people.

There is no need to single yourself out just because you feel like the whole world is against you. We were all created equal. Through the pictures of my life and how I live day by day, people who suffer from depression should find things in the pictures that we have in common. Then those people will realize that there is someone out there just likes them. They will realize that they are not alone in the world whether it feels like it or not.

I want this project to help the world. I want people to see me and think, “What is the difference between me and him?”  I don’t want them to think, “What does he have that makes him better than me?”

I hope I am able to reach out to someone who suffers from depression and I hope I show them that they mean something. I hate to see someone else lose a friend to suicide like I did.


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One Response to Picture Worth 1000 Words

  1. cerrax says:

    Losing someone close is extremely hard. This project will be very interesting to see what vulnerabilities you have.

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