Ever since we were little kids we were taught that things need to be hidden. The first game we were taught was peek-a-boo. Then as time goes by we are taught hide and go seek. Other things are plastered with Mr. Yuck stickers and hidden away in child lock cabinets. We hide away the secrets of Santa and the Easter bunny. We tell lies about where babies come from. We also make it easier for a kid to hide something they did wrong than to speak up about it and get in trouble.

Hiding has been engrained in us ever since we were little, it comes more or less as a natural reaction. However, when we do hide something people always question why.

It is this dynamic that I would like to explore. I would like to create a work of art that not only shows how, when, and why people hide their emotions and sometimes choose to reveal them. I want to jump into their lives and drag their secrets to the surface. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the picture.

For example, for my first project I would like to show my sister’s home life compared to when she is with her friends. She is probably going to kill me when she realizes that I am telling you guys all this, but I’ll deal with her later. Well anyways, with her friends she is like any other person, being ever happy and whatnot. However, when she is at home she is always on the verge of tears. Over having too much homework, not being able to put a matching outfit together, me making fun of her dumb cat (mine is the smart one), really anything. But my immediate family is the only ones that know this, until now because I just told you.

The moment of letting your true you show (for my sister that is the nervous stress ball that she is), is what I think of when I hear the word vulnerability. It is that point that I would like to explore, the moment where people reject the well learned art of hiding and let themselves just be.


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One Response to Nascondere

  1. cerrax says:

    Ooh, this sounds really good. I have always said “People don’t change, they just get better at hiding themselves.” It will great to see this as a photo narrative.

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