The subject of my photo narrative is my landlord Andy. When I called Andy for the first time last January, I was not sure if this imaginary voice was one of a male or female, and which language it spoke, but this I was certain it was the landlord for me. The story of Andy will be told through various items that he has left in the basement of the house that my two roommates and I rent off him. The significance of this story and subject are possible due to the fact that Andy has lived in this house for over twenty years. I am not sure of the time frame that he has lived in this house, but possibly through documenting some of the items he has left behind will help to answer that question. This is also significant because it will show what sort of items that a person does not have the ability to throw away, but yet items that are not significant or necessary enough to bring along to a current home. Some of the types of shots I hope to include in this photo narrative are ones that hope to provide background into a man that none of you have ever met through items of his past. These photos could include personal items that are directly linked into Andy’s life, or possibly purchases of a past era that may seem like they have no place into today’s society. A window into a man’s life and a different generation are stacked in heaps of boxes and scattered sporadically along the borders of my basement. Vulnerability can be seen in this man’s ability to leave pieces of his past in the grasps of three twenty year olds that are relative strangers.

Vulnerability’s definition in my way of thinking is allowing yourself to be in a position in which you could be hurt mentally, physically, or emotionally. In this sense Andy is showing emotional vulnerability as his physical mementos and quite possibly memories could be stolen or destroyed in a moment’s notice. The worst part is that there are good odds that Andy does not even know all the objects that occupy the basement that could erased. Vulnerability is being in situation in which someone can make your life worse while you are in no position to return the favor.

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One Response to Andy

  1. cerrax says:

    I believe my landlord did the same thing, and just before we moved out, he came to collect all of his things. This blog post makes me wonder, “What could we have discovered about our landlord when all his stuff was in our basement?”. In any case, I am anxious to see what you discover 🙂

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