Vulnerability, taking the “it” – By Dylan Mercer


Vulnerability to me is not having options. Being locked down and only one path available, namely to just take it. The “it” is obviously different to different people and at different times, but when you have to take “it”, you know. When you HAVE to take “it”, that is the point in which you are vulnerable. For an example of the “it” let’s use boxing. When a punch comes at you, you have plenty of options… you can dodge, duck, dip, dive or dodge. Also you can throw something in the way of the punch, you can punch the punch in response, you can deflect the punch with a limb or just grab the punch  like in really bad ass movies (which isn’t that hard to do actually). You can even decide to just take the punch. Taking the punch is tactful in many regards. Maybe you don’t want to waste the energy blocking/dodging. Maybe blocking or dodging would put you in a bad position for later or maybe taking the punch will put you into better position for your next plan. Vulnerability comes when you HAVE to take the punch, when all other options are exhausted or you have no other responses. Without your own set of options, you are vulnerable to the will of others.

In my project for Vulnerability I’m going to focus on this interpretation / instant of vulnerability as it appears in Magic the Gathering. In this card game, you play 1 vs 1 to a game of 20 life. The major feature of this game is that you can play your own cards on other peoples turns. This allows for a much more open system for playing a game and a lot like boxing you can react to cards being cast at you (like punches being thrown at you), you can take it or respond. The fact that you have Responses is the important part. And to not have Responses is to be out of options, is to be vulnerable, is to be punched in the face, to lose some of your precious 20 life, is to have to take “it”.

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2 Responses to Vulnerability, taking the “it” – By Dylan Mercer

  1. cerrax says:

    I’m interested to see how this project plays out. I haven’t played Magic: The Gathering in years, and it will be interesting to see how you handle vulnerability.

    • dylanmercer says:

      Thanks, I think it’ll be fun. Mostly about being tapped out (no mana to use), out of cards, no good options or being over extended. We should play sometime, I have tons of decks.

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