Yes I Did Compare a Reading To Alcohol

As I was reading “The Three Levels of Design,” the first question that came to mind was, do people really buy designer water bottles? I never would unless I had no other choice of water, but thats just me because I’m cheap. I did, however, compare designer water bottles to alcohol because I usually try new ones because they have cool looking bottles. So, of course, as I kept reading I related everything to buying alcohol (I swear I am not an alcoholic).

Well buying them and trying new ones relates to the “visceral” level of design. So how does this relate to the “behavioral” level, you ask. Well I’m here to tell you, I usually don’t buy it because it looks cool (because I’d go broke that way), I usually have to narrow my selections somehow. Usually that somehow is how nice it is, and how much practical use I have for it. This means I buy higher quality alcohols and I usually tend to stay away from the tequila unless I’m feeling a margarita.

Then there come the “reflective” level which was by far my favorite to think about how I want to be portrayed by buying mass amounts of alcohol. I don’t know how many times I have had a friend over and they gawk in amazement at my selection, and it makes me proud that I am envied across many a campus.

So yeah, anyways, I believe that if a text gives a good enough explanation for me to apply it to my life then it is a good one. I did believe it was a little long, but hey, at least it was good information.

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