Remembering George

“Remembering Hardware” is a very touching story about George Kramer, a developmentally disabled man who works in his family’s hardware store. It is a simple tale with extremely moving and spectacular details that concoct a vivd picture of George’s life.

Despite “Remembering Hardware” being presented on a very poorly assembled slideshow page, it still manages to capture the imagination. The captions are simple and effective. They fill in details and movements, but leave plenty of room for the pictures to do the talking.

The narrative emits a somber light, giving the audience small peeks into the world of George Kramer. He is a man who trudges on through the darkness of life. His mind is constantly wrapped around objects and places. He is a man who is broken and lost, but refuses to give in.

My favorite picture is the second slide, which depicts the tired old man, staring into the distance with an old plastic telephone pressed against his face. Behind him is the white, lifeless light of a window shining into an empty, dirty hardware store. The caption injects the scene with some brevity, explaining Mr. Kramer’s phenomenal memory and recall abilities. This juxtaposition creates a very sad reality. The amazing gifts of George Kramer are confined to a hardware store.


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