A Development to a Decline


When someone mentions the city of Detroit, there are two things I instantly think about: my undying animosity for the Red Wings, and cars. Guessing that most others were not born into a family full of “Yinzers” like myself, you probably couldn’t care less about a pittsburgh hockey rivalry and know a ton of a lot more about how Detroit was the car capital of the USA.

“The Ruins of Detroit” scarcely mentions car manufacturing, but the photography shows the rise and fall of what that business did for the city. Intriguingly enough, each of the pictures show both beauty and ruins– the rise and fall. It’s odd isn’t it? I mean that in the best way possible, by the way. The beautiful architecture gives off the idea of how prosperous the times were back when Ford created jobs with his assembly line, but the ruins inside of the structure let us know that as good as things were, they’ve changed through time, obviously for worse. The most interesting part about it for me is that it gives a 50+ year history in just one simple picture. I say “one picture” because each picture shows the entire history, and when you put them all together it elaborates on the story. Thats exactly what a photo narrative is supposed to do. I know I am no expert, but this is an amazing piece in my eyes.

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