10 Top Photography Composition Rules

I found the Top 10 Photography Composition Rules interesting because I never realized how much thought photographers must put into their shots to create a successful image.  When looking at photos I have never thought “Wow, the photographer did a great job using this leading line to move my eye across the image,” but in some instances it must make a huge difference in the image.  Many of us have probably taken pictures that are pleasing to the eye and if we look back at them, we could find that there are objects framing our main subject or that the subject lies on the grid lines following the rule of thirds.  I knew my iPhone camera had the setting for grid lines, but never knew their purpose is for the Rule of Thirds.

The guidelines make creating a successful snapshot more efficient even though sometimes it is all about experimenting and trying a different angle or point of view.  I’ve certainly spent a decent amount of time retaking a picture to get it right just to post on Instagram, but maybe considering balance and depth would help, or I have considered these things without realizing it. Reading this article made me excited that I’ll have the opportunity to play around with a camera and try out these techniques while shooting for my photo narrative.  Using these practices will help to tell the story of my photos and hopefully aid anyone who sees them to understand it.

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