Website Analysis!

“Color Me Rad” is a 5k (3.1 mile) road race. Basically, you show up to the race in some white clothing, run the race, and (while running) people shoot rainbow-colored corn starch at you. At the end of the race you’re covered in rainbow fun powder. But what’s this? After removing your sunglasses or pulling up your shorts there’s bare skin! It’s like the most hilarious-looking tan line ever. It must be recorded. Better bring a camera!

So, like everything else in the world, now, there’s a website for this road race. The background is black. Everything else is written in white or some bright color. The contrasting colors are pretty and exciting.

Along the top left of the homepage you see the website/race logo, which says ‘Color Me Rad’ in a rainbowy color scheme, with silhouettes of runners in a couple of the letters. Across the top of the homepage there are colorful links to other pages of the website regarding information about the race (About, Locations, Store, FAQ, Photos, Contact, and Login). On the top right, the words “Register” and “Volunteer” are really emphasized – the lettering is bigger and more colorful (like the logo on the left). The organizers obviously want people to sign up to run or volunteer. Signing up for the race makes money, and getting volunteers to work the event saves money. The point of this website is to make money for the race organizers. But, why would you even want to do the race?  

Directly below the top row of links, there are links to the organization’s Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram, and to sign up for the mailing list. This isn’t really a race. It’s a fun and colorful social event that everyone you know should know about. Good thing you brought a camera! You can post pictures of you and your smiling, rainbow-dyed friends on every social networking site. This is surely going to result in a new profile picture, avi, avatar, cover photo, and/or background.

Next there’s a YouTube video of people participating in this event. It’s titled “Color Me Rad – The Most Colorful 5K Ever.” You can see rainbow powder flying in the air, people running in white t-shirts and sunglasses or goggles, people smiling, jumping, and even dancing – all while being pelted in what appears to be magical rainbow fun fairy dust. This isn’t really a road race. It’s a party. For everyone. There are people of all ages – there’s a dog too! You can hear upbeat music, a happy/excited-sounding countdown to the beginning of the race, people cheering, the song that just gets catchier and catchier. I want to dance right now. There is so much cheering. The people in this video are having more fun than anyone, ever. I’m convinced. I could have that much fun if I did that race. I should sign up to do this race. If I didn’t like running, I think I’d probably have a lot of fun volunteering to hurl rainbow powder at people. That would be awesome.

Underneath the video, in the middle of the homepage, there’s a grey map of the United States. The cities where the events will be held are highlighted in various colors of the rainbow. At the bottom of the page there’s a (you guessed it, rainbow) banner with another cool logo, a link to volunteer, and a link to photos (in case you still weren’t sure how much fun people had at Color Me Rad). Oh, my. There are photos of groups of girls, plastered in rainbow, smiling, and jumping in unison. That would be such a great cover photo for Facebook.  And they’re wearing sunglasses. This looks co cool. I want to do it.

At the very bottom of the homepage, the background is white, with a tour schedule (I don’t know what else to call it) written in black. I now know which city near me will host Color Me Rad, and when it’s going to be so I can mark it off on my calendar.

This race/event/party thing sounds pretty cool, but the homepage is lacking in specific information. Better go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! Well, the FAQ range from serious and relevant information regarding the race and magical color powder (What do I wear?, How do I get clean?, and How do I transfer my registration?) to absolute absurdity (I thought ‘Rad’ died in the 80s., Does this race have anything to do with Color Me Badd, my favorite boy band from the 80s?, and What if I’m colorblind?). They even have a question about how to photograph the event. (Free advertising on social networking sites? I think so!) I should mention that I read every FAQ, not because I needed to know the answer to every question, I wanted to see the answer. They are hilarious. The answer to “What if I’m colorblind?” is “Then you’re clearly a male born with a common genetic deficiency that if left untreated, will leave your world dull and gray… Our resident pharmacist recommends light exercise, cherry flavored NyQuil, and being bombarded with color every 8- 12 minutes for 5 straight kilometers.”

Here are some other FAQs:


The person who wrote the FAQ page is absolutely hilarious. I want to meet him or her and become best friends.

Basically, this website is visually appealing. It’s pretty and exciting. The people in the pictures and video look and sound incredibly happy. I want to be that happy. The makers of this website are successfully selling me happiness in the form of a beautiful, photogenic, social event. I want to run at Color Me Rad with a bunch of my friends, take some fantastic pictures, and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. The answers to the FAQs are so funny, I can’t even stand it. I love this website, and there really isn’t that much to do on it other than sign up for the Color Me Rad, buy merchandise, and find information about the event.

It’s genius.


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I'm Mallory. I made this blog for one of my classes, but have yet to blog on it. I like art and running and music.
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