WebMD is a useful resource for quick information about health, diseases, and drugs.  I notice that most of the page is white which looks clean and sterile. These associations to the medical field communicate safety to the website’s visitor and that it is a trustworthy source for information.  The website’s accent colors of bright green and blue have psychological meanings of wisdom and growth, respectively. 

Despite this, the main page is very busy.  The left side is a long listing of links to articles about health conditions and lifestyle. The center of the page starts with a large box that plays a slide show of images related to featured articles.  There are also smaller images and links to “Today’s Health News and Features.”  Below that are sections for user discussion boards, users to ask questions, and trending topics.  Advertisements are present along the right side and as a banner at the top of the page.  The top also features the WebMD logo, a search bar, and navigation tabs titled Health A-Z, Drugs & Supplements, Living Healthy, Family & Pregnancy, and News & Experts.  Upon hovering over these tabs, there are selections to topics within these categories to help you more easily find what you want.  Although the front page is full, it can be navigated quite easily.

WebMD has many aspects that make medical and information easy for the average non-MD person to understand.  The vocabulary used is easy to understand while still giving medical terminology and scientific explanations.  A cool feature the website offers is a symptom checker where you can see what conditions could be their cause.  Another useful feature is a pill identifier that allows a user to input the shape color, and imprint of a drug and then present images of pills that match up. This can be used on over the counter or prescription medications.

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