The website your high school english teachers despise

I was told time after time how unreliable Wikipedia was and how I was to never use it while researching. Nowadays, we all use or have used Wikipedia. It is an essential source for free knowledge in today’s world. Wikipedia enables anyone to have access to their site. The site can be read in 285 languages with over 22 million articles of content. In my opinion, Wikipedia is the site that was made to inform and educate individuals for free; which I hold dear to me.


I feel that minimalism is the exact word for this site. It keeps it simple, informative, organized and concise. Obviously white and grey are not the most visually pleasing colors to look at. But when you are reading for hours on end, the color scheme is most suitable for your eyes. They include different forms of media in appropriate positions to complement each encyclopedia page. Wikipedia was not designed to dazzle, it was made enlighten.


I can make quite the personal connection with the sights layout and design. I love to live by the keep it simple, but still look sharp lifestyle. I offer more colors than Wikipedia, but they offer more information; which is its purpose. The minimalist ideology that they have is resourceful since most websites tend to go overkill with advertisements and other fluff.


Wikipedia affects me the same way a math professor does during a lecture. Neither the individual nor the content will be the most visually pleasing. I do not have an emotional enlightenment when I am copying down notes. Neither of them move me, but the structure and the information is why I visited the site or attended the lecture.

Overall, I would suggest Wikipedia to anyone that is a curious individual.

Thank you for your time,



About tukejake

Jake is a Mathematics Major at University of Pittsburgh with plans to become a teacher.
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