Smelly Poop and the Joy It Can and Cannot Bring

So for the past year or so I have been battling an incredibly annoying virus. No, I’m not sick (I take about 2,000mg of vitamin C a day to prevent that), but my computer is. So, this virus doesn’t give me pop-ups or try to turn my computer into a zombie or something; all it does is screw with Google. When I search something and then click on one of the links it takes me to a random website. For a while it was or something like that. Yeah, you could say it was annoying, but I found out that if I opened the link in a new tab it would work just fine.

So anyways, I’m telling you this because when I finally do get around to checking for viruses, and, you know, going through the whole procedure, I go to Google to check to see if my efforts were worth it. And each and every time I do, I search the word poop and end up going to the website It’s exactly what it sounds like, a website all about poop, poop facts to be more specific. Up until now, though, I never really looked at the site. Yeah, I noticed the cute little drawings on the top containing poop, but I don’t think I could have even tried to guess what colors were used or anything like that. What I did know, was that it was a website that gave me great joy. Yes, smelly poop gives me joy. This is partly because this website represented my fixed computer, and also just the knowledge of a website dedicated only to poop makes my life worth living.

That being said, after a closer look to the site I realized it was just bad. It really isn’t user friendly. Sure it may have good facts about poop, but they are not organized very well. At first I thought there wasn’t a navigation bar, but then I realized it was there at the top. It was tiny and the same color as the background. I guess my eyes neglected to see it. After I found the navigation bar I clicked on poop facts. There I came in contact with a narrow column of text down the middle of the page that didn’t even take up a third of my screen. That wasn’t even the worst part, there’s nothing to tell you how the facts are organized, they are just there in a list. If I might add, it took an awful lot of scrolling to get to the bottom, and after about three facts I got bored and moved on. There were some amusing hand drawn pictures, but they were on a bland brown background along with the text, which to me isn’t very creative (I mean come on poop isn’t always brown). On the sides of that uncreative poop colored background there is green. A very vibrant green, a green that captures your attention and draws your eye towards it, away from all the content of the page. I found myself looking at this part of the page more than the rest. Overall, on this website I kept getting distracted and confused. I could go on and on about the things I would change about it, but that would be boring to read. In fact, not many of you are still going to be reading by this point, I certainly know I wouldn’t be. It’s something about the big chunks of text that just discourages people. Like the large column of text you will see on smellypoop (See what I did there?).

Anyways, now that I have taken a better look at the website that symbolized accomplishment for me, I am very disappointed. Let’s just say the triumph of finally winning the battle with evil-doing virus (more like the most pointless virus in the world) will not be as great now that I know the failure that is of smellypoop’s organizational skills. Even if saying smellypoop will always give me joy (yes, I am three years old).

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