It’s All Magic to Me

Let’s Talk Awesome! That’s right, Wizards of the Coast website at . Who are they?… Only the givers of Fantasy, Seconded only by Tolkien himself and maybe mythology if you want to go that far. Wizards of the Coast is responsible for Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering (my main game). They are a great game company and their website reflects it.

This seems to be the right place to start with when dealing with Fantasy. Wizards of the Coast wants you to be adventuring, and adventuring hard. They want you to feel free, open to go where ever you want. Their games are very open ended within their rule systems. In fact there isn’t a game with more freedom than Dungeons and Dragons. Not even the ever vast Skyrim. That’s the feel you get from their homepage. Large encompassing background pictures of pure fantasy awesomeness. There’s a google search right on their main page relevant to games they produce and popular inquires to all things fantasy, this lets you find the answers to your puzzles in whatever manner suits you while being super easy and available.
Follow up the affect of the page with it’s rhetoric… Bright colors, open skies, smiling faces, wizards wrapped in all blue chillin with fire dragons, fantasy. Lots of Flames, fantasy creatures dueling in bright colors and close up. They want you to really be in it. All of the pictures are large so you feel close, from your perspective you feel like you are really in it all.
The style of this page is very, “come if you dare.” It’s set up for the adventure. Most important thing, FIND A STORE NEAR ME! Front and center baby! Gotta drop off the loot from the last Dungeon Plunge. That’s what’s most important to them, getting you to a store to hobby. Then theirs the google search, so nice. All websites should have a private google search within it structured around all things relevant for that company/website. Of course the all handy menu bar and access to all your favorite games (which all have their own websites with their own awesomeness).
That’s what they are all about: smiling faces playing games, 1st person perspectives, welcoming searches, something for everyone, friends, community. Careers is also front and center on their website. They are all about “joining”. Join the quest, join the crew.

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