Green Giant

I don’t eat vegetables, but i thought would be a good website to provide analysis about because I felt it was just an unlikely website that deserves analysis just as much as any other. Green Giant is a subsidiarity of General Mills and specializes in selling various kinds of vegetables. Given their concentration in vegetables they use a lot shades of green and use a background of a barn and a corn field to impose a sense of freshness, that is not usually associated with frozen vegetable products.

There is a heavy amount of social media presence that encompasses the upper right of the page. The site effectively uses bright colors to try to keep it light and upbeat, this interacts with the pages main goal of contesting that frozen foods are not sub par to fresh vegetables and they get experts to accompany them and their claim that this is the case.

The only problem I have with this site involves the functionality aspect of the home page. When first arriving an empty white box takes over about one third of the page, and does not play media without the user clicking on one of the choices, this white box distracts the user with empty space.

Final Review

The site ultimately achieves it’s goal of maintaining a fresh vibrant page that does not barrage the user with an overload of options and information, while it drives home the point that there is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables. The annoying white empty space defenatly takes away from the site, but i assume it would be an easy problem to solve. The site rounds out with links to recipies that stress healthy options, an informaative overview of the company’s history, and a sustaiablity tab that falls in line with the sites general attitude to being a friendly family oriented company that strives to care for the customer.

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