Free People

With just a splash of girly color and a white background, seems very clean and spaced apart. The white background allows for a look with more space, and the purple pink, and green pastels mixed in a tan navigation bar, which allows you to choose the shopping category of your choice, creates a bit of life on the page. Underneath the navigation bar, photography of models in summery outfits can be found– each one promoting a certain line of their clothing. I noticed, too, that on the navigation bar, the “sale” tab is red. Excitement is a psychological trait of the color. Thats a great way to gain customers attention… I know I get excited about good deals!

The minute I arrive at the website, I get a really laid-back feeling. The mix of just the right amount of color and seeing the models having summer fun in their photos creates an instant happy and care-free aurora glowing throughout the page. It gives off the kind of feeling you get on that first warm day after a cold winter. Warm and relaxed, and very cheerful.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 3.31.52 AM

Relating to this is cherry pie for me. I begin to browse and immediately become engulfed in the pretty pastel colored flower trim with cursive handwriting, chic (and not to mention extremely overpriced) outfits, and photography of beautiful models enjoying a laid-back lifestyle. It makes sense, I mean if I were to choose the best possible word to describe it would be “girly” and since I am a girl, especially one with an addiction to shoes and sunglasses, it is not hard for me to get sucked in too deep while browsing here!

Like I said before, immediately I feel calm and bright when I visit the site and that is exactly what Free People wants their customers to feel. With online shopping, creating a page that shows the brand’s true image, along with the colors, webpage style, people, and fonts all play a role in how interested we are in their products. I think what the designers at Free People did for this layout works. They sold it to me, and I’m not easily sold!

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