Dollar Shave Club

Ahoy, traveled gentlemen,

Are you reading this between anaconda wrestling matches while straddling a full-grown grizzly and nurturing a baby swallow to health?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Allow me to introduce to you:

That’s Dollar Shave Club, a site dedicated to s(h)aving you money in all your manscaping endeavors. The deal is simple: For only a dollar a month, they will send you a month’s worth of razors–designed to combat even the thickest of manes, yet smooth enough, and packed with an aloe moisturizing strip to ensure that you can still keep your sensitive side (for the lady folk).

“What witchcraft is this?” You may ask with your gruff, calloused vocal chords, “Why would I ever consider shaving my beard-fist? And for a dollar? Surely there must be catch!”

Ah, yes, but remember: shaving is the only thing separates man from beast. (And saving money the only thing that separates men from lesser men.)

There’s no catch! No slick-talking cityspeak, just good ol’ fashioned man-to-man business.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the folks from Dollar Shave Club:


The color scheme in Dollar Shave club evokes an earthy, natural tone. Its timber background suggests that the site was built by hand, and its sidebars and navigation tabs were hand-carved with testosterone and dollar razor blades.


The design of the site is simple, straightforward, and comprehensive. It toes the line between professionalism, and humor, while managing to appeal perfectly to its audience. Its basic layout instills a sense of honesty in the user which, in conjunction with their easy-to-navigate ordering procedures insure that users transfer seamlessly into customers.

In short, its a nice, firm handshake. Through the computer screen. With its beard-hand.

And a shark.



The effects of Dollar Shave Club are far reaching. Ironically, upon visiting the site, you should grow a full beard from all the secondhand manliness (even the ladies, they will grow lady-beards). Under this beard, you will have another beard, and under this beard, a wild and majestic elk.

The world can be a crazy place–what with their reality TV shows and their frappulatte mochachino–but with Dollar Shave Club you can be assured your mane is in the right place (….,mane)

VBS out.



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