ether you are looking for an apartment, a car, a friend, a lover, a pet,  or just to rant about pretty much anything, then look to craigslist.

Craigslist is an online community that connects you to local businesses and people. Theres classified ads and a discussion forum. There isn’t much monitoring of the posts by any officials so some of the posts can get a little weird. The site is extremely user friendly; You don’t need an account to go, just enter the city you live in, or the nearest to it and you can look through the hundreds of categories.

There isn’t much focus on branding the website, just on doing what the site is set up to do. The page is set up with a navigation type section to the left of the screen where you can search the site and access the FAQ and learn more about the site. The majority of the screen is just classified listings.

The background color of the page is white, and the tables are a light grey. The font is all Times New Roman and bright blue. The lack of color makes the font the main focus of the page.  Once you choose a category to browse through, you can fine-tune the search by price range or look at a map view for you product or service.

One of the links in the navigation bar is “best-of-craigslist”. This is where you can find the funny, or bizarre postings on the site, some of the postings are more then vulgar but others are just hilarious. Since craigslist makes it so easy to post ads without giving a lot of information, people feel comfortable to post for the most ads for the most ridiculous things.  For example…

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 10.59.43 PM

Here is the link of you want to read more.

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