Victoria Secret’s Trap


“Words, colors, sounds, shapes, styles…”

Bras, panties, beauty, pink, comfy, colorful, very sexy, push-up, lace, hottest, leopard print, slim fit, angels, bombshell, black, lingerie, show-stopper, thongs, cheekies, bikinis, round.

These are just a few of the words, colors, shapes, and styles that are displayed across the many pages of Victoria Secret’s website. The rhetoric of this website intentionally aims to to sculpt a uniform idea of beauty amongst its viewers. With this “idea of beauty” the website attempts to sell its products by giving the false pretense that Victoria Secret clothing will make the buyer as attractive as the women displayed across their webpages.


“Style of the page.”

The Victoria Secret’s home page begins from top to bottom with a white navigation bar that allows its viewers to search their website, manage their account, and manage their shopping cart. Below the white navigation bar is a second, pink, navigation bar. This second navigation bar contains multiple links that allows the viewers to navigate the website’s numerous products. The main content of the page contains numerous pictures of women in skimpy clothing that are supposed to represent “modern day beauty.” The main content of the page also contains many links leading the website’s viewers to various Victoria Secret sales and discounted items. The very bottom of the page contains numerous links such as contact information, careers, wishlist, site terms & policies, etc. Overall, the website is designed to be visually appealing, displaying pictures of “beautiful” women, and putting a heavy emphasis on the color pink (represents femininity).


The Victoria Secret website can be considered an immortal within the category of relationality. The website itself attempts to relate not with beautiful women themselves, but with the IDEA of a beautiful woman herself. The website displays “attractive” women in Victoria Secret products and thus is able to subliminally suggest that their clothing makes women beautiful. If you browse their website you will quickly notice that there are no overweight models, no disfigured models, they all are “flawless”, a huge part of Victoria Secret’s marketing scheme.


The overall affect of the Victoria Secret website is one of beauty. Victoria Secret is a website that indirectly attempts to sculpt the modern day idea of feminine beauty through means of slender bodies that are clothed with “angel like comfort, a sure to be bombshell outfit.” The Victoria Secret idea of beauty is not one that I agree with or would endorse (for some reason I felt the need to write that last sentence).

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