Twitter Analysis

The website I chose to analyze is twitter. Twitter is an interesting website in my opinion. The one thing that stands out to me is the different ways you can access twitter. You can access twitter via the web on your pc, mac, ipad, tablet; you can even access it via an application on your smartphone. It is pretty cool how technology and social networking have worked hand in hand to make “tweeting” so simple for everybody in everyday life.

I personally tweet a lot. When I look at my twitter online I get a good feeling. I don’t know what it is exactly. But all I know is that it is from the twitter homepage. The constant notification of new tweets and the funny things people tweet always help me put a smile on my face and a laugh in my mind too.




How twitter is outlined and used is also very interesting. The colors of twitter are a baby blue, white, and black. The main color of twitter is baby blue. Their logo is a bird. That always gets me thinking and interested on why the logo is a bird and the color is baby blue. It doesn’t get me happy or angry, it just seems to be very interesting. Like, why a bird? Why not something that isn’t an animal. Or if it has to be an animal, why a bird?


Twitter has helped me stay connected to my friends and to the trending world. The idea of a hashtag is mind blowing. That a simple # and a few words can keep an idea going.


Now that I think of how the idea of hashtagging and trending works, I can see why twitter uses a bird as their logo. A bird can be the messanger for news and ideas from one person to another.


Mind blowing, isn’t it?twitter2



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