Minus The Overly Complicated…

Now, I must confess, I am not an internet junky.  I don’t spend countless hours on the computer browsing websites, playing internet games, & stalking people on Facebook etc. Of course not that that’s wrong… it’s just not my bag.  I don’t even have a Facebook account, that’s how little I utilize social media.

I think the most frustrating thing about websites these days is how overly complicated they’ve become.  I actually had a Facebook account back in the day when it was exclusive to college students, but of course with everything now a days, when popularity begins to grow it becomes accessible to everyone and their mom.  Despite the privacy and stalking issues, and disclaimers that warn against Facebook reserving the rights to your personal images, I was still willing to give them a chance.  I think the straw that finally broke the camels back was when my mom sent me a friend request (hence the “everyone and their mom”).  I was 22, and I was like “whoa, really? What just happened?!” I don’t need my mom poking me, and putting random posts on my wall, so I deleted my account.

Blahhhh.  No offense mom, but seriously?

Now, you might think this is an analysis of Facebook, so sorry to disappoint, but I’m not even going to give Mr. Zuckerberg and his ostentatious minions the pleasure of wasting anymore of my time.

Pinterest, however, was introduced to me about 3 months ago, and OMG love! A friend of mine told me there’s this magical place where people post things they are interested in, and people comment on their interests… It’s basically a virtual pin board.  I had to know what this site was all about, so I signed up for an account, and the rest is history!

Signing up for Pinterest isn’t a chore, it’s actually really simple, which is helpful for people who aren’t particularly computer savvy. When you signup they show you various images and ask you to select the ones you are drawn to.  When you log in, they show you a “following page” that highlights posts of similar interest.  I’ve found soooooo many cool, funny, and inspirational images on Pinterest.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! And best of all, it’s Free!

Its layout is so simple, and self-explanatory! White background with various images, and little reading… you don’t get lost in words, you get lost in images! … how can it be more simple then that?  The header has a Search bar, Following tab, Categories tab, Everything tab, Popular tab and Gifts tab.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 1.30.13 PM

The Categories scroll down tab is the one I use the most, and I usually follow humor, architecture, animals, weddings, home décor, hair & beauty, health & fitness, and tattoos, but there are soooo many to choose from, it could keep you entertained for hours… oh and trust me, it does!!  You can create your own Pinboard and people can follow you, and/ or you can follow someone else’s Pinboard.

Pinterest isn’t pretentious, it’s not meant to make people feel bad, or to be used for CIBER bullying (not to make light of the situation, apparently that’s becoming a huge epidemic).  It’s simple, and I think its simplicity is what I am drawn to.  No one wants to linger on a way overly complicated webpage.  Most times, if a website is too busy I feel overwhelmed, and I move on to something else.  Let’s face it, when there is text accompanied by images, no one really reads the text, they just scroll through the images to get a better understanding of the overall picture.

Pinterest, you are my idol, and when my website grows up I want it to be just like you!! 😀

Funny Pins of the day: One for the cat lovers, and of course one for the dog lovers:

cats       Shit Just Got Real

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