I Loathe to Love Apple


I simultaneously love and loathe Apple. I loathe it not because its products are generally more expensive and often less capable than its competitors but rather because it’s able to convince the mass majority to associate a young, trendy Justin Long (right) with its brand, and a nerdy, overweight, awkward, no-name guy (left) with the others.

Blog 2 mac pc pic

Apple’s strategy is so see-through; it reminds me of a cheesy infomercial or a greasy car salesman’s pitch. Just as inevitable as the second Snuggy you KNOW you’re going to be offered for “free” at the end of the commercial, Apple feeds you its rhetoric so smoothly that you end up believing it. But then again, Apple IS slick. It’s slender and hip and just plain cool. Just look at this ad and try NOT to want that smooth aluminum finish of that iPod in your hand.

Blog 2 ipod ad

On top of that, the bright colors scream excitement and the scantily clad models bring a sex appeal that makes you yearn for that crisp white cord to fall softly along your body as well. Apple’s website continues the use of this rhetoric technique, and the content can be summarized by one of the following adjectives: bold, bright, or simple. This strategy has the effect of not overwhelming the consumer with information so that he feels more at ease while shopping. A person does not want to be stressed out about all of the details, and so the website aims to highlight only the most important information.

Blog 2 Site pic

The overall layout is best described as “clean.” The solid white background gives a hospital-like feel that induces trust in the client. White gives a sense that there is nothing to hide.

So the eternal war of Mac vs. Pc rages on, and the new weapons of mass persuasion used by Apple are proving to be highly effective. The company’s prolific success is no doubt intimately wound with its ability to positively affect the consumers’ senses in such a way that they relate with the values of the company and are willing to overlook a higher price tag in order to gain the emotional benefits (trust, security, modernity) of owning an Apple product.

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