Who I am..

I like many other find trouble with assignments like these. I never know where to begin to describe myself. My name is Quinn, I tend to be a bit more relaxed then most. I have a really dry sense of humor and find humor in a lot of things most people don’t. I’m really quiet at first but give me time and you won’t be able to shut me up. I really like music. I listen to a lot of music influenced by african/tribal sounds. Foreign cultures and different ways of life fascinate me. I recently got a 7 year old rescued boxer. His name is caesar and he’s a pretty good friend. 


He’s a handful , but he is a pretty good alarm clock. I’m slightly addicted to trashy reality television. I find humor in the ridiculousness of all the TLC shows. It’s funny to see what kind of ridiculous people are out there.Image

None of these things really do me any justice. I dont think i could accurately come up with a response as to who I am but I am forever changing. 


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