Von Bearshark: Origins

When you think about it, life is a series of adventures: your car won’t start so you call a coworker to pick you up and make a friend; you’re forced to take a public speaking class and you learn to overcome your fears; you release a captive whale into the bay with the help of local law enforcement while simultaneously learning lessons about life, love, and heartbreak; you discover that you can’t  put tin foil in the microwave. You know, life stuff. In this way we are all heroes (or heroines) in our own Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

I’ve taken this sentiment to heart. I am Von Bearshark.

The hero this blog needs right now.

Above: The hero this blog needs right now.

I’ve enjoyed many an adventure in my day. I’ve visited the ruins of ancient Rome, I’ve scaled the peaks of the Pasayten Wilderness, I’ve kayaked the great rivers of Pennsylvania, and traveled through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Most recently, I’ve found my way on stage.  I’ve been writing songs and playing various instruments since grade school (guitar, ukelele, harmonica, some drums and whatever else is lying around). Over the summer, I started a band called Men of Means based out of my hometown of Scranton, PA, which includes my aunt’s boyfriend (a middle age hand-surgeon) on guitar, some kid I know who plays the drums, and myself. We had a blast jamming together and thought we would book a few gigs for sh*ts and, well…gigs. As it turns out Casey (or Dr. Burke, as he’s formerly addressed, as he is–and I can’t stress this enough–a practicing and respected surgeon) had some high-tech recording equipment in his studio (read: basement) that he had been messing with for a while. After a handful of  successful gigs around the city, we decided we’d try and record something ourselves…which was way more difficult than we had anticipated. Blood, sweat, and tears, later we got the eight solid tracks you can get here: http://menofmeans.bandcamp.com/ (for free!)


Von Bearshark musicing.

Take a listen, download if you want ( it’s free music). (Sorry if the sites a little lacking, but we just got them up last week. We’re working on getting on other sites, including iTunes, but, as with the recordings themselves, we’re still getting acclimated.)

That said, I’m ready to turn to the next adventure (which may include jamming or playing some solo gigs around the ‘Burgh–let me know if you want hang out or whatever), and I look forward to playing a part in yours.

VBS out.

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