The Unknown

What is fun or interesting about something that you know? All interesting facts are ones that you hear for the first time. People don’t get excited for re-runs, they get excited for new releases and new cars. Given that, I don’t know myself, at least completely in the sense that i think I have a lot of change and growing up to do in the future and i am excited to know the the person that i will become. Nevertheless you can get a sense of a persons character and essence by knowing the things that a person enjoys in their life. So to get a vague look into who I am, I will  reveal some of my favorite things. My favorite food is a tie between crab legs, but there has to be a surplus of melted butter around and gyros. My favorite gyro shop in Pittsburgh is Mike and Tony’s down Southside, and even though it seems their gyros have gotten smaller over the years I still have great memories from all the way when I was a small boy and my Dad would take me there, it felt like at least once a week to taking my girlfriend there on one of our first dates. My favorite animal is a sea otter for their ability to resemble humans, in the sense that they live in families and are very intellectual creatures, but they live a much more carefree lifestyle swimming freely throughout the ocean, and when necessary they can reveal a veracious side. My favorite video game is Super Smash Brothers on the N64 system, I count it as the best game of all time due to the fact that there is an endless amount of possibilities that can be used to achieve victory. These are just three of my favorite things that help define what i enjoy and in-turn give a look into who I am.

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