Omniscience – by Dylan Mercer



Ok, this isn’t actually going to be about Omniscience. Omniscience is what is being represented in this picture above. And it’s definitely not by me. I just ripped this picture off of a Magic the Gathering card called Omniscience. All the same, pretty sweet picture.

   Hi, my name is Dylan Mercer and I am a nerd. A gaming nerd to be exact, I know there are lots of kinds of nerds. Magic the Gathering is by far my favorite, but not at all the stopping point of my obsessions. I’m going to name drop a few and see if your eyes light up, if so don’t hesitate to invite yourself over for a game night: Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Warhammer & 40K, Puerto Rico, D&D, etc. 

    Why bring this up? Well obviously to get some more gaming buddies. But more importantly to talk about the theory of leveling up. Since I game so much I constantly live my life as if I’m in a massive Roll Playing Game in which I hit none-stop level ups. Try it, it’s fun. Every skill can be leveled up, from skiing to eating food. Not everyone increases the same skill at the same pace. Hour for hour, maybe you can level up your Composing Digital Media skills faster then mine (which are at 0 right now, hoping to hit level 3 by next week). I use the 100level scale. At lvl 70+ you are (or can be) a professional with that skill (implying you can make money off of it). 

    Well, more on Leveling later. For now I’ll leave you with a few of my skills and their levels, to get an even better idea of who I am. Skiing – 25lvl, running 11 lvl, typing 54lvl, serving (as in serving tables, as in that’s what I do) 87lvl, CDM 0lvl, Mario Kart Double Dash 62lvl, etc.

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