My Name is Another Story

My Name is Another Story

My real name is Li Li. People hear that, and they usually ask a question that is repetitive of what I have just said: “Is your name really Li Li?” Then they go on asking something more legit like, “so your first and last name are the same?” Of course in the real world, not many people have the same first and last names. There’s a story behind that. I was born in Guangdong, China in 1994, spent the first eight years of my life there before moving to the United States with my family. My name is different written in Chinese characters/symbols. The characters of my first and last names in Chinese differ. My parents did not intentionally give me a name that is repetitive. It was when I moved to the U.S and began to learn the alphabet that things got more interesting.

So that was my beginning…

The best thing I like about the U.S. is the availability of an education for everyone, and the abundance of opportunities. Of course, how you make of these opportunities is a different story, but overall, my living conditions have improved dramatically. Coming to the U.S. has given me leeway to realizing my dreams and not having to give them up because of the lack of opportunity. But of course, hard work and perseverance are needed everywhere and for everyone in order for success to happen.

The end is how I make of it…


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