Lessons Learned

Chapter 1: Childhood

Let’s see, where to begin?!  I am one of eight, and was raised in Pittsburgh’s finest neighborhood… Oakland, I know right?!  Probably the only person you’ll ever meet that was actually raised in “Mordor” as my brothers call it lol.  I went to Rogers for the Creative & Performing Arts for middle school (I’ve been playing the violin since I was 5), Schenley for HS, and decided after I graduated that I was never ever going to go back to school lol

Chapter 2: Don’t Take Your Parents Advice Regarding Classes
After two years of complete freedom, my parents told me that I was a bum, and convinced me that college was the only way I was ever going to “make” something of myself.  So heeding their advice, I applied to Pitt to silence them, and surprisingly I got in.  I will never forget my first semester.  I had absolutely no clue how to choose a class schedule, so my dear mom volunteered to pick one out for me.  Great idea right?  What was on the menu you ask? … French, economics, computer applications, statistics, and lets not forget, psychology, the bane of my existence….  All I can say is disaster waiting to happen.  I failed miserably.  For someone that needs to have some sort of creative outlet the pairing of these courses set me up for the most ultimate of fails.  Devastated by the embarrassment of failing out of my first semester, and knowing that a liberal arts program was absolutely not right for me, I withdrew.

Chapter 3: California
Needing to get away from my parents and experience life for myself, I applied to art schools in California…
I was accepted to a program in San Francisco, so in the hopes of finding inspiration, I took the plunge and drove all the way out to SF in a yellow shortbus my boyfriend (soon to be husband 😉 ) found on Craigslist for $1,200…. but that story is for a later date.

Chapter 4: There & Back Again
In my school career I have moved around, and changed majors A LOT, there’s no denying that.  Pitt, Academy of Art San Francisco, Design Institute of San Diego, La Roche, Chatham, and well here I am back at Pitt.  With only 2 semesters left to go I still feel as lost as ever… blahhh c’est la vie I guess.
I’ve literally come full circle, but hey at least I finally figured out how to pick out my own class schedule, right? Score one for me!
The end… or should I say… the beginning?! 🙂

Oh, and this is one of my new pieces… Acrylic on canvas


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