It’s a gift… and a curse

When I was born my parents must have thought, “there is no way this is our kid!”  I had peach fuzz for hair and purple eyes that you couldn’t imagine were possible in nature besides on Elizabeth Taylor.  My eyes have since become more of a brown and sometimes greenish in the right light kind of shade, but the curly red hair stuck.  Shocking to my family mainly because of our one hundred percent Italian roots.  Although most of my family has dark features, it turns out red hair isn’t all that uncommon in my family.  My younger sister and cousin were born with red hair too, but we can’t trace it back to anyone in our family history.

Redheads in my family

Redheads in my family

My hair is what people have come to remember me by and identify me with.  People tell me “I can always find you in a crowd when I see your red hair.”  It’s not just the color that people have come to know; it’s the crazy texture too. I have struggled with taming my wild mane of spirals and frizz for as long as I can remember.  That’s why I consider my hair a gift and a curse.  My locks are unique but I have always wanted straight hair. The hair products I have accumulated over the years to control my hair are a vast artillery of creams, serums, and sprays to conquer the curl.

Standing out in a crowd

As to the personality stereotype that comes along with red hair, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Redheads are famous for their fiery temper and sharp tongues.  I guess I’m the exception because I’m known to be very calm, easygoing, and levelheaded.


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