I am:

  • An athlete. I run long distances. It’s the only sport I’m good at, and I’d rather experience physical and mental pain than showcase my embarrassing lack of coordination any day. That probably says something about my personality, but I’m not sure what.
  • An artist. I make stuff sometimes. It’s usually meaningful to me. Sometimes it just looks cool…
  • Half-robot. Metaphorically and literally/physically, kinda.
  • Intentionally vague, sometimes.
  • An Olympic-level heckler. Not an Olympic heckler. I don’t heckle Olympians; they’d beat the crap out of me. If heckling was an event in the Olympics, I’d win a gold medal every year. Even though there aren’t Olympic games every year. I’d still win one. Or two. Or however many I want.
  • Sarcastic, mean, cheesy, immature, and punny. I apologize in advance for offending you with my ridiculous sense of humor.
  • Sassy. Too sassy for my own good, sometimes.
  • Not funny a lot of the time. I go into these tangents (…rants) that I think are hilarious, but, really, the only person who can even follow them is my brother. And that’s because he does it too. We’re just awful. Don’t listen to anything we say.
  • Hard to follow, sometimes.
  • Morbid. My art teacher in high school referred to everything that I made my senior year as a “desperate cry for help.” Nothing I made was a cry for help. A lot of it was pretty desperate-looking.
  • Gluten-intolerant… I think.
  • Curious. I just like to know things. Things that may or may not be relevant. Especially things about people. And science. People are interesting. Science is interesting.
  • A listener. People are really so interesting. I love hearing people talk about their lives. But I usually don’t ask.
  • An occasional introvert.

And I love Otters.



About thehudsonbay

I'm Mallory. I made this blog for one of my classes, but have yet to blog on it. I like art and running and music.
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