Blah Torteweenies Blah Blah Blah Blog

It always seems that when I have to write something I am completely at a loss for words. Like right now. I only wish this was on paper so you could see the words that I have crossed out, the eraser marks, the slight imprint of the words that were there before, the tears. Okay maybe it’s not as drastic as tears, but you get the picture. What’s for certain, though, is that you would learn a hell of a lot more about me if this were paper. You could see the many sides of me. the one where I wrote “Blah blah blah blah blah blog,” the other where I explained why I am, for the most part incapable of crying, the one where all I did was talk about my kitties, and finally the one where I described how amazing my tortellinis were and how I call them torteweenies! I think for me the feeling of pen against paper and the allowance of mistakes to show through is more intimate and more beautiful. So when I say “I can’t computer” I do not mean that I am incapable of using a computer ( I know where the start button is and how to send an email), but what I mean is that I am less capable of expressing myself on a machine that is inherently cold (even when it overheats). The stroke of a key on a keyboard can no where compare to the handed stroke of a paintbrush against a smooth canvas built by hand. Even on my wacom pad it still seems dull and lifeless. I know this will probably change over time as the computer age is beat into me ( I am just now actually checking my emails on a regular basis, not just when I have to email my printer something to print out). That’s someday, not now!

Oh an here is a picture of my kitty just because he is cute and I felt left out not having a picture (and I guess that’s the assignment).Image

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