Clunky Words

“Who are you?” is a deceivingly difficult question. For me, just deciding what I want for breakfast can be a chore some times, so knowing myself well enough to write an autobiographical piece comes at a challenge. I guess I could chatter on about my favorite band (The xx), movie (Pump Up the Volume), and food (gyro), but then again what I like doesn’t define who I am; who I am defines what I like. This distinction is what makes the question so hard to answer, not to mention truly know another person. All of my actions and experiences act like windows to who I am, but who I am is neither a definitive concept nor is it a constant. On top of that, we are stuck with trying to communicate with these clunky things called words, which never really fit exactly what you are thinking and mean different things to different people. Luckily, communication has many forms and I’ll let the following pictures do the talking for me. They are some of my favorites that I’ve taken throughout my life and offer windows to who I am:

Hot Metal Bridge at sunset

Hot Metal Bridge at sunset

I took this picture and then played around with the setting in Window Live Movie Maker to achieve the cool effect. If you look closely, you can see an eagle at the end of the bridge (actually the American Eagle logo on the building). This picture represents me because I see beauty in the structure of our world (the complex structure of bridges and multinational corporations like American Eagle), but I’m also repulsed by the garbage that comes with this development. It is amazing that humans are capable of building huge structures like bridges, but the way we take advantage of nature to do so is ugly.

Rio 076

Rio at night

I like to think about deep and dark things, which are topics that are often swept under the rug to deal with later because they are depressing. This photo that I took in Rio captures the polemic topic of favelas (shanty towns) and the huge discrepancy of wealth between the rich and the poor in the city. In the photo, it appears as if the Jesus statue is sending out a black smoke on the city as if he was punishing it. The topic of responsibility to others is an ongoing internal debate for me.

IMG_0969 - v1

On a no name road going past a no name town

The shear vastness of the world is incomprehensible. It’s hard not to feel small, lonely, and average when you think about that fact. In a sense, how you cope with this fact is a large building block of what makes you unique, if there is such a thing. For me, never forgetting just how small I am keeps me modest. This photo shows a car streaking by me on the highway by a small town in Brazil. It is a good representation of how many things we wiz by in life without having the chance to take them in.

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