Never Even Read Dune

There is a moment in a person’s life that forever crystalizes who they will be. It is usually many years afterward that we realize what that moment is for ourselves, but I know my Moment.

I was a very young boy, about 6 or 7 years old at most. I had become enraptured by a device called an Atari 2600. My favorite thing about it was a this thick chunk of plastic, called a cartridge, that had the words The Empire Strikes Back emblazoned across it. It was a fun little diversion of a computer game in which the player must valiantly defend their territory against an impeding army of dinosaur-looking monstrosities with their tiny spaceship.


A riveting experience, as this picture clearly demonstrates.

My father watched in amusement as I struggled to beat these savage beasts, knowing that it would never work. The game has no end, it simply gets harder and harder until you have failed. Finally I expressed my exhaustion with attaining victory. He smiled and said, “Would you like to see the movie?” to which I excitedly squealed “THERE’S A MOVIE OF THIS?!”


Oh, they’re robotic dinosaurs. That makes way more sense.

The VCR wound up with a familiar whir, and before I knew it, giant yellow letters burst upon the screen. I may have had my mouth open the entire time in awe, I’m not sure. But that moment instantly etched three things onto my heart for eternity:

Video games, science fiction, and technology.

To understand me, is to know that everything, EVERYTHING about me is traced back to one of those three. For this class especially, technology is important. Video games showed me that anything is possible and anything can be created with technology. Digital media is my passion and my main outlet of expression, be it games, videos, music, sound, pictures, etc. So now you know what you’re dealing with. A 1st Class Nerd with a capital “N”. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I do have some links to some work of mine on my website:



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