Is Patience a virtue?

Introducing myself is among my least favorite things to do. I can tell you what I am, but I have not a clue as to who I am. My name is Patience. That is my name, not who I am. I am a student, but that is a sort of title, not who I am. The entire concept of the question “Who are you?” is puzzling to me. But this is my attempt at answering.

Who is Patience?

I am a hip-hop head with a character-defying Tom Petty obsession. I am so stereotypically Pittsburgh that I should be the logo. I’m a fighter with a guilty conscience. I always have a song stuck in my head, even in my dreams. My greatest fears are silence and mental illness. I think everyone in the United States is extremely impatient. I underestimate people most of the time. I refuse to plan things. I tell people I’m not superstitious, but I secretly am. I guess that means I’m a liar, too. I’m a regular at more than one bar. I have issues with household appliances. I try not to take anything too seriously.

Essentially, I’m a little piece of everyone I have ever met; A little bit of what to do and what not to do. As a person, I am certainly not a virtue (if a person can even be such a thing). I kind of think of myself as a parody of myself. I should probably add that I don’t make sense more often than I do.


About pec35

University of Pittsburgh Class of 2013 I hood a lot and I nerd some. Hood's where the heart is, nerd's where the words from.
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