David and Goliath

My story starts out at the end of senior year of high school. Well, towards the end. It was my last lacrosse game ever because my team had missed playoffs for one game. For my last game, I actually faced a team that was ranked high in my league. They were actually ranked in the top one hundred for best teams in the country. So nobody was really thinking of an underdog story win; neither was I.


How this picture is relevant? I would have to say that it was a David and Goliath type of game. This game started as landslide with my team down 9-2 at the end of the first half. Scoring two goals on them was even a surprise to many people. A win did not look like it was going to be the outcome in the end.

But it started to hit me that that game was my final game. It did not really feel like it was my last time stepping on the field. But I soon came to realize that my mentality for the rest of the game should be “why not?” Why not upset a better team. Why not go out and beat the odds and beat the better team.

So I came out with full force and determination. I had no care anymore really about the score, it was more about enjoying my final time suiting up.


In all royal blue is how I started the year, and it is how it ended.But instead of me ending up on the losing end, I help put together an unforeseen comeback.
Putting in 5 goals and having 3 assists helped my team win our final game of the year. Upsetting one of the top teams in the nation was one amazing feeling let me tell you. That game will definitely be one I will remember the rest of my life.

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